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Wawanesa Insurance Walk To Fight Arthritis

Wawanesa Walk for ArthitisYourStyle Financial was at the Wawanesa Insurance Walk to Fight Arthritis in Winnipeg on Sunday, June 5, 2016!

The Walk to Fight Arthritis stretches across Canada to unite families, friends and organizations to achieve one common goal: to help the over 4.6 million Canadians, who live with arthritis every day. This figure includes more than 200,000 Manitobans, from infants to seniors. Arthritis has no cure.

The Arthritis Society builds awareness and raises funds for arthritis research. Fundraising for the Walk also permits The Arthritis Society to keep providing vital programs and services that enable people with arthritis to live well at home, work and play.

“We are grateful for YourStyle Financial’s support of the Walk,” says Donna Wills, Regional Manager for Manitoba/Nunavut.  “YourStyle sponsored the event, helped promote the event in their newsletter and entered a very energetic team! They were among the almost 500 walkers who raised nearly $65,000 for, The Arthritis Society, Prairie Division – Manitoba/Nunavut. THANK YOU YourStyle!”

Invest or Pay Down

When a sudden surplus of money comes in, there are a couple thoughts that go through one’s head.

The first, regardless of your financial situation, is to treat or “spoil” oneself outside the bounds of your regular spending habits. Look no further than postings on social media around the time that tax return cheques roll in, where people will proudly proclaim that the three-figures they got back from the government are going to a new TV or a trip south of the border.

Those who are more financially minded, however, will look to their current bottom line and make a decision based on that status.

And here’s where the real questions start to perk up – do I invest or do I pay down a debt.

It’s a real puzzler.

Putting the money into the markets or even into a TFSA or RRSP does give you a little bit of confidence for your future – you’ve been able to do a little bit more for your 30-years-from-now-self and/or family.

The other option is to put that money against debt, be it loan, line of credit or mortgage which solves your current financial issues, or at least makes a dent in the bill you face over a 20-year span.

The reality is that either of these scenarios – or to throw a curveball and split the two – do more for you than your short splurge from a pure financial point of view. Factor in the little bit of emotional relief that comes with easing your debtload or increased security down the line, and you can start to see the benefits of putting that sudden rush of funds in the bank rather than in retail.

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