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Retirement Options for Companies

We offer a range of products, including:

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan

With a group RRSP, eligible employees can have RRSP contributions deducted from each pay period. The employer can set a minimum requirement if desired. The employer can match contributions into the RRSPO on either a monthly or yearly basis.

Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

A deferred profit sharing plan is an employer-sponsored profit sharing plan registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. On a periodic basis, the employer shares the profits made from the business with employees who participate in the plan. Employees receiving a share of the profits paid out by the employer do not have to pay federal taxes on the money received from the DPSP until it is withdrawn. Control of the employer funds is provided by the vesting and eligibility provisions.

Registered Pension Plan

Pension plans allow the employer to lock in contributions from employees during his or her tenure with the firm. Plans may be employer-paid or have formulas requiring some level of employee matching contributions. Some plans may not require an employee contribution.

Individual Pension Plan

These plans are designed primarily for business shareholders and owners. They are funded so business owners can accumulate greater tax-sheltered funds than traditional pension or group RRSPs.

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