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So you’re getting married?

You’ve found “the one” and have decided you will spend the rest of your lives together. You may have talked about growing your family, a new house and other plans for the future but have you thought about how you will achieve those goals? Marriage is a partnership and you need to know how you can achieve those goals together. Discussing your finances may not be a conversation that you want to have but it is necessary to avoid issues that may arise later. Debt, for example is one of the most important things a couple should discuss. Do you or your partner have any outstanding debt? If yes, does your partner know about it? Are you aware of each other’s income? Whatever the case may be, you need to communicate with each other and be open about your finances. A recent BMO survey shows that most married Canadians wish they had discussed their financial matters with each other before walking down the aisle. While 98% of Canadians agree they should be on the same page as their spouses, when it comes to finances, most of them aren’t! A whopping 40% of these couples say they have different investing styles from their partners. It’s not surprising then, that more than half of Canadian married couples have financial regrets, with 62% saying they wish they had discussed their financial plans and pasts before getting married. Use our Marriage Preparation Checklist to discuss with your partner to ensure your plans for wedded bliss include financial matters. For help with your financial planning, give us a call.

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