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First Home Saving Plan

The First Home Savings Plan

Are you dreaming of owning your first home? YourStyle Financial, a compassionate and understanding financial planning organization in Winnipeg, is here to help you make that dream a reality.

In their latest video, Doug Buss introduces the First Home Savings Plan, a powerful tool designed to help first-time homebuyers save efficiently. YourStyle Financial’s expertise ensures that you can navigate the complexities of financial planning with ease. Their personalized approach and dedication to understanding what’s important to you make them a trusted partner on your journey to homeownership.

Watch the full video on YourStyle Financial’s Media Page to learn more about the First Home Savings Plan and start your journey towards homeownership today.

Plan Ahead with Power of Attorney

Plan Ahead –  Secure Your Future Today

When it comes to planning for the future, it’s never too early to start. At YourStyle Financial, we believe in the power of proactive planning to ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for any eventuality. One crucial aspect of this planning is understanding and arranging a Power of Attorney (POA).

Why Plan Now?

Life is unpredictable. Whether it’s an unexpected illness, accident, or simply the progression of age, having the right documents in place can make all the difference. Waiting until things go wrong can lead to unnecessary stress and complications, especially when it comes to managing finances and healthcare decisions.

Financial Planning

Strengthening Family Bonds Through Financial Planning: How YourStyle Financial Facilitates Meaningful Conversations

At YourStyle Financial, we believe in the power of whole-life management. Based in Winnipeg, our mission is to prioritize “What’s Important To You”. Here’s how we bring family-focused financial planning to life.

The Importance of Family Meetings

Financial planning is more than just numbers; it’s about family dynamics, communication, and legacy. Family meetings can help navigate these complex relationships, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and respected.

Retire stress free

Stress-Free Retirement

You’re heading towards the next stage of life where you’re worrying less about your career and more about your future. You’ve been a diligent saver, regularly contributing to your RRSP and amassed a sizable nest egg for retirement. Now it’s time to turn on the tap and start to draw down your savings in a way that results in the least amount of taxation?

That’s where a RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund) comes in handy. A RRIF’s purpose is to draw down your savings in a tax efficient manner instead of accumulating them.

Reimagine Aging

Reimagine Aging

Aging – Is it the worst of times or the best of times?

How many times have you heard “Do it while you’re younger”, “Enjoy it while you can” or “Don’t get old”? Advertising and social media practically shoves youth and vitality down the throats of all viewers. While aging definitely offers its own challenges but maybe it’s time to flip the story and look at it a little differently.

This is why the Centre on Aging is hosting a free six-week program to help individuals re-imagine their own aging. This program offers the opportunity to discuss the perceived negatives of aging, how they affect you and those in your circles and give ideas on how to challenge them.

When: Tuesdays

Time: 3:00pm

Start Date: January 24th, 2023

End Date: February 28th, 2023

To register for the program, sign up using the online form: or call Dallas

Murphy at 204-474-8731. For more information, email:

Turn back the proverbial clock and celebrate your experiences!

Doug Speaks to Global News Regarding High Interest Rates and the Impact on Older Adults/Seniors

Winnipeg’s housing market is starting to stabilize, but another interest rate hike is making it harder to buy or keep a home. Global News spoke with our very own Doug Buss in regards to how it’s impacting certain demographics.

Award Winning Financial Planner

Doug Buss in The Free Press Offering Award-Winning Advice

The team at YourStyle Financial is excited to see Doug in the news again. This time the Free Press has highlighted Doug’s extensive career serving clients in Winnipeg.

As Joel Schlesinger states “Then it might come as a surprise that the veteran has only recently received the Distinguished New Advisor of the Year Award, for 2022.”. Anyone who’s even spoken with Doug knows this award acknowledges everything he stands for.

“So while Buss may be an experienced certified financial planner, his most recent accomplishment and the accompanying award speak to the fact he never stops learning.”

Continuous growth and advancement are a point of pride for Doug and the YourStyle team.

Here is the link to the full article and we would love for you to read it. :

If you’d like to experience Doug’s knowledge and experience to determine “What’s Important to You?”, we would love to help you with all of your financial planning needs. Contact us today.

FAQ: How Can I Deduct Interest?

your business). or 2. Rearranging existing debts – for example, pay off an existing mortgage and convert to a non-deductable borrow with the intent of investing proceeds. There are, of course, other factors that come into play, so we do advise setting up a meeting with one of our advisors to talk about your deductable income (either interest or other).

Is there Such a Thing as “Good Debt”?

financial sense. Let’s go back to the car payment for example. As we see from time to time, dealers and manufacturers will offer as much as 0% interest over a given period. You don’t outright own your car at this point, but you’re also not “losing” money by paying out the additional fee associated with an interest rate. Thus, the final cost for your car will be $30,000, whether you pay a lump sum now or spread it out over the payment cycle, say of 60 months (or 5 years). While you pay this down, meanwhile, your set-aside $30,000 for the car can be making money for you. Putting the money into a monthly or annual payout situation means that at the end of those five years you’ll have made some extra cash on your investment. Ultimately, debt in some circumstances can work for you rather than against you, but it’s knowing all the parameters in advance and being prepared. If, as in the scenario above, you aren’t a big car person and aren’t loyal to a particular make or model and a 0% offer comes up, you may want to look a little deeper at taking advantage of this situation. For more tips from Doug Buss and the experts at YourStyle Financial, check out our newsletter archive.

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