YourStyle Financial

Allen P.

November 30, 2020

Recently my daughter & son in law met with Doug Buss of YourStyle Financial to review their financial situation. Doug listened and counseled this young couple in good money management and in proper protection for their growing family. With a 2 year old and twins coming in November, Jill & Nathan had some specific issues that needed to be addressed. Doug in his wise, professional manner was able to reassure them and assist them in making good choices. He commended them on the good money management habits that they have already begun and helped them build for their future. Finally Doug quietly came to me – the dad & grandpa, and told me that they were in good shape. This was good news to me. Rarely will people discuss their personal financial situation but it’s good to know that my kids were able to rely on Doug; his professionalism and caring approach in dealing with this very personal subject. I would recommend Doug to anyone who is interested in a caring and conscientious professional who will provide a good balanced approach to money management.

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