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Proud Sponsors of the Manitoba Firefighters Curling Championship!

February 06, 2024

At Yourstyle Financial, we believe that great sponsors make great teams, and we’re thrilled to have been part of the electrifying Manitoba Firefighters Curling Championship this year! 🥌🔥Our firefighters showed incredible skill, sportsmanship, and teamwork on the ice, embodying the spirit of community and dedication we value so much.

A huge shout-out to all the teams that competed and made this event a spectacular showcase of talent and passion. Your hard work and determination inspire us every day.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in supporting this fantastic event. Together, we’re not just fostering sports; we’re building stronger, more resilient communities. Here’s to more success and camaraderie on and off the ice!

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A Decade of Dedication: YourStyle Financial Celebrates 10 Years of Sponsorship with Pro Sports and Faith

November 08, 2023

A decade of unwavering commitment, a celebration of faith, and the exhilaration of pro sports—YourStyle Financial is thrilled to commemorate 10 years of partnership with Pro Sports and Faith Night. As a beacon of support for this extraordinary event, YourStyle Financial has played an integral role in fostering the intersection of athleticism and spirituality. Join us in reflecting on this remarkable journey and the values that continue to inspire us.

A Decade of Sponsorship:
Ten years ago, YourStyle Financial took a bold step in aligning with Pro Sports and Faith Night, recognizing the profound impact of blending sportsmanship with the guiding principles of faith. Since then, our partnership has flourished, contributing to the growth and success of an event that resonates with individuals seeking inspiration on and off the field.

The Essence of Pro Sports and Faith Night:
Pro Sports and Faith Night is more than a convergence of athletic prowess and spiritual devotion; it’s a testament to the power of unity, resilience, and community. Year after year, this event has brought people together, creating memorable experiences that transcend the boundaries of sports arenas and churches.

Details of the Celebration:
This year’s Pro Sports and Faith Night promised to be a milestone event, with an array of activities and festivities for attendees of all ages. From engaging talks by inspirational speakers to thrilling sports competitions, the night was set to be a culmination of a decade’s worth of dedication.

A Quote from Our Sponsorship:
“As we mark a decade of sponsorship with Pro Sports and Faith Night, we reflect on the values that have guided our journey. It’s more than an event; it’s a shared commitment to excellence, community, and the enduring power of faith. We are proud to stand alongside Pro Sports and Faith Night in fostering an environment where athletes and believers alike can find inspiration, strength, and camaraderie.”

– Doug and Loreen Buss

Reimagine Aging

Reimagine Aging

December 21, 2022

Aging – Is it the worst of times or the best of times?

How many times have you heard “Do it while you’re younger”, “Enjoy it while you can” or “Don’t get old”? Advertising and social media practically shoves youth and vitality down the throats of all viewers. While aging definitely offers its own challenges but maybe it’s time to flip the story and look at it a little differently.

This is why the Centre on Aging is hosting a free six-week program to help individuals re-imagine their own aging. This program offers the opportunity to discuss the perceived negatives of aging, how they affect you and those in your circles and give ideas on how to challenge them.

When: Tuesdays

Time: 3:00pm

Start Date: January 24th, 2023

End Date: February 28th, 2023

To register for the program, sign up using the online form: or call Dallas

Murphy at 204-474-8731. For more information, email:

Turn back the proverbial clock and celebrate your experiences!

Make it About Memories, Not Money

July 05, 2018
  1. Grand Beach. This huge stretch of soft sand beach and sand dunes is only a one-hour drive from Winnipeg. This beautiful beach has been listed world-wide as an experience to be had and so many locals have yet to make the trip. It’s a great getaway for a day and offers camping, motels and cottage rentals for longer stays.
  2. Birds Hill Park. Located a very short drive from the city, this vastly under-utilized year round provincial park offers a slew of activity choices. Paved and natural trails allow for biking, rollerblading and hiking. There are horse stables and quite often Polo games are available for viewing. There is a campground with choices of basic, electrical or full service camping and a beach with food and beverage options.
  3. Little Limestone Lake. A little longer trip, but the closest to the Caribbean you can get when you don’t live near the ocean. It is the biggest and best marl, colour-changing lake in the world.
  4. Whiteshell Provincial Park. Part of the Canadian Shield landscape about 1.5 hours east of Winnipeg, is a treasure trove of natural resources. This park is filled with wildlife as the wilderness is quite undisturbed. If you’re looking to spend time at the lake, there are beaches, waterfalls, rapids, diving, sailing, swimming and waterskiing as just a few choices.
  5. Assiniboine Zoo. An absolute gem located right within the city and one of the most beautiful urban parks the zoo offers a plethora of experiences for young and old. Right now you have the chance to see the incredibly endangered snow leopards. The two little cubs are just settling into their new enclosure and are still awaiting their names. Included in the regular admission this summer, the new attraction Xtreme BUGS is being offered for a limited time. One of the biggest attractions, literally, is the polar bears whom you can see in action without travelling to the North.

This is such a small sampling of the destinations available in Manitoba. If you love to travel and experience the outdoors, this is a great place to do it without having to hurt your wallet. Now, get out there and experience all there is to do in Manitoba!

Wawanesa Insurance Walk To Fight Arthritis

September 20, 2016

YourStyle Financial was at the Wawanesa Insurance Walk to Fight Arthritis in Winnipeg on Sunday, June 5, 2016! The Walk to Fight Arthritis stretches across Canada to unite families, friends and organizations to achieve one common goal: to help the over 4.6 million Canadians, who live with arthritis every day. This figure includes more than 200,000 Manitobans, from infants to seniors. Arthritis has no cure. The Arthritis Society builds awareness and raises funds for arthritis research. Fundraising for the Walk also permits The Arthritis Society to keep providing vital programs and services that enable people with arthritis to live well at home, work and play. “We are grateful for YourStyle Financial’s support of the Walk,” says Donna Wills, Regional Manager for Manitoba/Nunavut.  “YourStyle sponsored the event, helped promote the event in their newsletter and entered a very energetic team! They were among the almost 500 walkers who raised nearly $65,000 for, The Arthritis Society, Prairie Division – Manitoba/Nunavut. THANK YOU YourStyle!”

Alumni Night

November 09, 2015
Alumni Night
Doug and Loreen with Paul Soubrey, B.Comm.(Hons.)/1984, Asper Alumni; Front and Centre
Campaign Chair and CEO of New Flyer
Alumni Night
Doug with a Co-Op student from the Asper School of Business
Alumni Night
Loreen with Dean Michael Benarroch and Professor David Stangeland

Doug and I were privileged to attend an Alumni Event at the Asper School of Business, Drake Centre University of Manitoba on September 30, 2015. We joined in the celebration of achievements of Faculty in the in the Commemorative Room.  We were treated to a tour of our old stomping grounds and had an opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow Alumni, current students and on-campus student groups.

There were brief remarks from the Dean, Michael Benarroch. As well, Paul Soubry, B.Comm.(Hons.)/1984, Asper Alumni;  Front and Centre Campaign Chair and CEO of New Flyer delivered a message about the vision and philanthropic campaign for the University of Manitoba. Doug graduated from UM in 1987 with a Commerce degree in Finance and Loreen graduated in 1994 with a Commerce Finance degree as well.

For over 75 years, the I.H. Asper School of Business has been providing a world-class education to leaders and innovators who contribute ethically to the social and economic wellbeing of Manitoba and the world.

YourStyle Car

2015 BNI Givers Gain Golf Classic

June 09, 2015

YourStyle Financial is proud to be a dinner sponsor for the BNI Givers Gain Golf Classic on June 18, 2015 and we will be having a draw to win a Kids BMW X5 Ride-On.
This event is attended by BNI members and their guests to raise funds for the non-profit, charitable organization Camp Quality Manitoba. The first camp was held in 2005 and aims to improve the quality of life for children living with cancer. The camp offers the children and their siblings a week to have fun, be themselves and to enjoy the summer.
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