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Are You Travelling This Winter?

October 23, 2015

“Am I covered for emergency health care outside of Canada?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions of travelers — and an important one to answer. With U.S. medical care costs skyhigh (and rising), even a simple doctor visit can put a serious dent in your bank account. If you’re unfortunate enough to require an extended hospital stay, your finances can suffer permanent damage. Do you need additional health insurance? Simply put: YES. Technically, all Canadians are covered under their provincial plans for any time they’re overseas, but coverage is extremely limited. For example, Manitoba Health will only pay for emergency doctors’ services outside of Canada at a rate equal to what a Manitoba doctor would receive for similar service.  In other countries, services can cost much more than they do here in Manitoba. As a result, you could find yourself responsible for a large medical bill. Emergency hospital care is paid on an average daily rate established by Manitoba Health. The difference above the covered amount could be substantial and is YOUR responsibility to supplement your coverage with some travel health insurance. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind to cover emergencies such as physician’s fees, diagnostic services, ambulance and paramedic costs, and hospital accommodations. So, what’s the best way to obtain additional coverage? Head over to our Resources page for direct links to travel insurance providers. Also, while there, be sure to check out other helpful information as well such as The Glossary of Common Investment Terms.

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