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Get away – but get covered

January 27, 2015

recent post to this blog, we discussed the health benefits of a vacation. Since we call Winnipeg home, we’re very aware of the temptation to fly south in search of warmer weather and some quality time poolside or on the beach. Your vacation is an investment, and it will pay real dividends in terms of enhancing the quality of your life.  By all means, go – but make sure you’re covered first. Your Manitoba Health Insurance covers you in Canada, but if you’re travelling to the US or another foreign destination, you’ll probably want to supplement your coverage with some travel health insurance.  Manitoba Health will only cover the costs of emergency health care to about the same level as they do in Canada.  In other countries, services can cost significantly more than they do here at home.  As a result, you could find yourself responsible for a large medical bill. YourStyle Financial Inc. can help you with your insurance needs – temporary travel coverage by itself, or as part of an Extended Health Plan.  When you’re out of the country, we can help you make sure that your emergency needs, like physician’s fees, diagnostic services, ambulance and paramedic costs, and hospital accommodations are taken care of. No matter what your insurance needs are, YourStyle Financial Inc. can help you select coverage that meets your goals, today and tomorrow.  We provide consultative services that take your individual situation and needs into account, and advise you on the solutions available to you.  We’re one of Winnipeg’s premiere financial services firms, because we don’t just sell products, we build relationships with our clients.  Your healthy financial future is our primary concern. Travel insurance provides peace of mind, so that your vacation can bring peace to your body.   Request a quote online today.

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