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Manulife’s Are you ready? – The Meeting

February 27, 2015


Women need to take an active role in financial planning

November 13, 2014

When it comes to money, women’s main concern is working on a budget to lower debt and save more money. The second concern is to develop better skills in investing, and third is to create a financial plan and investment strategy. It’s imperative for women to take an active role in financial planning.  There is a very high probability of women being solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lifetime due to divorce or outliving a spouse. Nearly one-quarter of women say they don’t partake in financial decision making. “Women can make changes to their finances such as lower debt, save money and become good investors.  Making changes to your financial plan doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is perceived to be,” says Doug Buss, President, YourStyle Financial.

Tim Hortons and the Jump to Invest

August 29, 2014

financial planning dollar? In all honesty it depends on your personality and financial freedom. Within any stock broker’s client base there are two investors 1. Risk Takers – This group would have taken the murmurs that emerged over the weekend about the Tim’s sale and called, emailed, texted or any used any other form of communication to get on the line to buy or sell their stocks (or do it themselves). 2. Safe Players – These are the long-term investors who will go into more of the ‘sure-thing’ stocks, not watch the market as frequently and potentially invest less to begin with. Going into the stock market, in general, is a consideration to be made carefully. Just because you have the money to invest doesn’t mean you should go in. The payoffs can definitely be big, but it comes down to risk/reward, and ultimately your comfort. If you would like to talk further about stock market opportunities or have any questions on investments, please contact us today to set up an appointment to talk about your financial plans.

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